Frequently Asked Questions

Why a degree at Pacific Union College?
A Christian liberal arts education from Pacific Union College means being ready to tackle tomorrow's challenges with skill, service, and uncompromising personal integrity. Our online program is grounded in a Christian worldview and provides you with the flexibility and convenience you need to advance your career while still maintaining a healthy work/life balance.

Is financial aid available for students enrolled in online programs?
Yes, students taking online-only courses may be eligible for federal and/or state aid if they are seeking a degree at PUC. Students who wish to receive aid must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at FAFSA. For degree-seeking students, all online courses can qualify for Military Tuition Assistance and Veteran’s Benefits. For more information on financial aid, contact PUC’s Student Finance office via email or call 707-965-7200.

Can you tell me which of my previous courses will transfer?
Absolutely! Please provide unofficial transcripts to your admissions counselor so they may complete a tentative pre-evaluation of prior credit. A detailed outline of remaining program requirements will then be provided so you can make an informed decision regarding your education.

How long will it take for me to complete the program?
Full-time students can complete the online RN-BSN program in one year while part-time students can complete the program in two years. Depending on prior RN education, you may need to take additional courses to meet our general education credit requirement. At Pacific Union College, you decide the pace that best suits your schedule.

Will I have a scheduled time for online courses?
Your course is conducted according to a schedule outlined in your course syllabus, but there are no "live" classes to attend. Instead, lectures, coursework and discussions all take place at your convenience, allowing you to choose when and where to work on your course. There may be times when you are asked to conduct a live chat with either a professor or classmates, but they will occur on a case-by-case basis and will always be clearly discussed in your course syllabus. Due dates for readings, coursework, and discussions will be clearly outlined in your syllabus and you will have the entire academic work week of Monday through Friday to complete your assignments at a pace that best suits your schedule.

Will I have “clinical" experiences?
Yes. As a part of your curriculum, in two separate courses, you’ll work with a mentor to further your knowledge and skills in areas outside of acute-care nursing. You’ll work with a mentor in a community health setting and again, with a mentor who focuses on either management or education, according to your interests. You will participate in identifying a mentor in your community with which to accomplish these practical experiences.

Will I need to visit campus for any part of your online program?
No! The online courses at PUC are offered 100% online and do not require you to visit the campus for orientation or commencement. Of course, we would love to meet you if you ever decide to travel our way!

Will my diploma or transcript say "online"?
No. At the end of your online studies at Pacific Union College, you will receive a diploma identical to the one that on-campus students receive.